• TX show

    this installation shot shows one wall of ralph wiegmann's and my work at our gallery in TX: the Cerulean Gallery, which was our Dallas gallery, but is now based in amarillo, TX. we had a great time at our opening there!

  • painted desert project

    drove back from an az new year through the navajo nation and got to check out the painted desert project murals. see more at: http://jetsonorama.net/the-painted-desert-project/


  • orb

  • berlin

    if you're in berlin within the next month, don't miss, rollin beamish's show, palliative measures @ greusslich contemporary. 5/24 - 6/28: 

    "can socially critical art change something or does it only serve as relief from a sense of unease about our environment? the art of rollin beamish is in a difficult position because it is a reflection of cultural discourse. the problem, however, is that the art is both a critique of cultural discourse and a product of this discourse.how can we break this circle? can this art change from a palliative measure to an actual agent of change and can art uphold this assertion?" [read more: www.greusslich-contemporary.de]

  • cinco de mayo


  • earth day

    the "overview effect" is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts, often while viewing the earth from orbit or from the lunar surface and refers to the experience of seeing the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, "hanging in the void", shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. from space, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide people become less important, and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this "pale blue dot"become imperative.

    apollo 14 astronaut, edgar mitchell said that the sensation gave him a profound sense of connectedness, with a feeling of bliss and timelessness. he was overwhelmed by the experience and became profoundly aware that each and every atom in the universe was connected in some way, and on seeing earth from space he had an understanding that all the humans, animals and systems were a part of the same thing, a synergistic whole. it was an interconnected euphoria. Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/14455/the-human-brain-in-space-euphoria-and-the-overview-effect-experienced-by-astronauts/#ixzz31tmWL800, by ian o'neill

  • david simpson

  • happy easter, eastre, oestre

    once more, for the holidays

  • i can't help it

    this makes me happy

  • moment|movement

    this is the last week of my show, moment|movement,  in denver w/ralph wiegmann, @ visions west gallery, downtown.

  • workshop for teachers

    last weekend, i had the privilege of working with a group of inspiring art teachers who participated in the intensive encaustics workshop i taught at lubrecht experimental station. MAEA sponsored the workshop and the teachers received credit for the course through the university of montana-western. here are a few pics:

  • irrigation

    shea butter & irrigation system "nourish" the viewer @ the MCA - denver, in rashid johnson's exhibition/installation, new growth. some of the shea butter dripped onto the floor and i rubbed in on my hands. a physical connection to a powerful installation.

  • new growth

    i was fortunate to see rashid johnson's installation @ the MCA - museum of contemporary art, which opened the night following my opening in denver. the huge blocks of shea butter scented the atmosphere. here's a detail of heavy, dark, burned and carved imagery. see below for MCA's write up.

    "In Rashid Johnson: New Growth, the artist works with personally and historically loaded material such as shea butter and black soap, combining it with LP covers and books in complex paintings, sculptures and installations. His works challenge conventional representations of collective identity. Beginning with the question, “What would happen if Sun Ra, George Washington Carver and Robert Smithson started a community together in the desert?” New Growth's playful scrutiny intertwines cosmology and escapism in an attempt to blur the lines separating past, present and future.

    The physical manipulation of biomaterial into an abstract, aestheticized form is a concept that runs through all of the works in the exhibition. Johnson references the ongoing transformation of both bodies and landscapes, and the identities embedded within them. New Growth features newly commissioned works including the video Samuel in Space and the Shea Butter Irrigation System. Works in wax, burned wood, tile and mirror, as well as brass chairs, wood chairs and rugs round out the exhibition."

  • moment . movement

    an installation view of my work on the left wall as you enter the gallery. with ralph wiegmann @ visions west gallery - denver.

  • down the wall

    view further down the wall

  • looking back

  • view back

    looking into back room. 2 of ralph's banded paintings in background.
  • back gallery

    ralph's paintings in foreground. my row of 6 encaustic boxes in background: states of matter.

  • installation view

    nook view of some of my work as you walk towards back gallery

  • little stones, big drawings

    two of ralph's floating stone drawings in the front gallery

  • (solid/fluid)

    suspension ii (solid/fluid), encaustic on panel is hanging in our moment.movement show @ visions west gallery - denver.
  • happy valentine's

  • glow

    detail of recurrence

  • collaboration

    ralph & i collaborated on a series. blocks cut from reclaimed timber: coated with beeswax, resin, burnt graphite; back glows orange, floats off the wall and mounted with magnets.

  • item falls

  • save the date: 2/20!

    my show with ralph wiegmann in denver will be thursday, february 20th, @ visions west gallery.

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