• sun valley gallery!

    i am thrilled to announce that friesen gallery in sun valley is representing my work in idaho.

    friesen gallery exclusively exhibits contemporary artwork. here's a link to my work at the gallery now: http://friesengallery.com/artists/209/suzanne-truman/


  • 23 1/2 degrees north

    summer solstice is here! here's a new painting reflecting on the color & light this time of year.


  • between the lines

    street view of some of my work in, "between the lines", a showing of new & recent work w/ralph wiegmann at visions west gallery in denver. the center, dark segmented drawing is ralph's. 



  • every other

    here's another gallery shot. from L to R: the 1st and 3rd pieces are mine, the other two are ralph's. the center between my black & "white" diptych glows orange, as do the backs of the line of blocks.


  • another view

    "between the lines", new & recent work w/ralph wiegmann @ visions west gallery - denver.


  • down the line

    my diptych, "expanse (black & white)", carbonized graphite & encaustic on wood, w/ralph's painting. (further down the wall from previous image posted.)



  • denver art walk

    tomorrow, i'm driving to denver to deliver new work to visions west gallery for first friday art walk. i will have 11 pieces showing in the front gallery along w/ralph wigmann's work. stop by the gallery if you're in town: 6-9pm,1715 wazee street, downtown. below: "expanse III (back fade)". 


  • recliner | reclined

    today i'm heading to butte, mt - a.k.a. butte, america - to see "recliner reclined", a show of some of my students' powerful work at the imagine butte resource center, 68 w. park st. map: https://www.here.com/directions/drive/:error/Imagine-Butte-Resource-Center:46.012576,-112.537032?map=46.01258,-112.53703,17,traffic&x=ep

  • spiral jetty

    last week's pilgrimage to robert smithson's spiral jetty on the north shore of great salt lake.


  • cadillac ranch

    cadillac ranch today. amarillo, tx


  • ozymandias

    ozymandias, amarillo, tx. "egyptian" legs conceived by prankster stanley marsh. lightin mcduff, sculptor. 




  • TX show

    this installation shot shows some of ralph wiegmann's and my work at our gallery in TX: the Cerulean Gallery, which was our Dallas gallery, but is now based in amarillo, TX. we had a great time at our opening there!


  • painted desert project

    drove back from an az new year through the navajo nation and got to check out the painted desert project murals. see more at: http://jetsonorama.net/the-painted-desert-project/


  • conceptual | emerging | experimental

    the other side, an exhibition featuring emerging, conceptual & experimental artists' work at the danforth gallery this friday during the livingston art walk. livingston, mt. reception: 7/25, 5-8pm. 


  • henry real bird

    henry real bird, mt poet laurette and crow nation tribal member, will speak at 6:30pm during the opening of "the other side" exhibition of emerging, experimental & conceptual artwork, this friday @ the danforth gallery during the livingston art walk. please drop by. henry is a captivating speaker with a great sense of humor!


  • forget me not

    veteran/artist, jesse albrecht will be showing his installation, "forget me not", in "the other side" exhibition at the danforth gallery that claire sands baker and i curated. this friday. livingston art walk.


  • orb

  • berlin

    if you're in berlin within the next month, don't miss rollin beamish's show, palliative measures @ greusslich contemporary. 5/24 - 6/28: 

    "can socially critical art change something or does it only serve as relief from a sense of unease about our environment? the art of rollin beamish is in a difficult position because it is a reflection of cultural discourse. the problem, however, is that the art is both a critique of cultural discourse and a product of this discourse.how can we break this circle? can this art change from a palliative measure to an actual agent of change and can art uphold this assertion?" [read more: www.greusslich-contemporary.de]

  • cinco de mayo


  • earth day

    the "overview effect" is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts, often while viewing the earth from orbit or from the lunar surface and refers to the experience of seeing the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, "hanging in the void", shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. from space, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide people become less important, and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this "pale blue dot"become imperative.

    apollo 14 astronaut, edgar mitchell said that the sensation gave him a profound sense of connectedness, with a feeling of bliss and timelessness. he was overwhelmed by the experience and became profoundly aware that each and every atom in the universe was connected in some way, and on seeing earth from space he had an understanding that all the humans, animals and systems were a part of the same thing, a synergistic whole. it was an interconnected euphoria. Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/14455/the-human-brain-in-space-euphoria-and-the-overview-effect-experienced-by-astronauts/#ixzz31tmWL800, by ian o'neill

  • david simpson

  • happy easter, eastre, oestre

    once more, for the holidays

  • i can't help it

    this makes me happy

  • moment|movement

    this is the last week of my show, moment|movement,  in denver w/ralph wiegmann, @ visions west gallery, downtown.

  • workshop for teachers

    last weekend, i had the privilege of working with a group of inspiring art teachers who participated in the intensive encaustics workshop i taught at lubrecht experimental station. MAEA sponsored the workshop and the teachers received credit for the course through the university of montana-western. here are a few pics:

  • irrigation

    shea butter & irrigation system "nourish" the viewer @ the MCA - denver, in rashid johnson's exhibition/installation, new growth. some of the shea butter dripped onto the floor and i rubbed in on my hands. a physical connection to a powerful installation.

  • new growth

    i was fortunate to see rashid johnson's installation @ the MCA - museum of contemporary art, which opened the night following my opening in denver. the huge blocks of shea butter scented the atmosphere. here's a detail of heavy, dark, burned and carved imagery. see below for MCA's write up.

    "In Rashid Johnson: New Growth, the artist works with personally and historically loaded material such as shea butter and black soap, combining it with LP covers and books in complex paintings, sculptures and installations. His works challenge conventional representations of collective identity. Beginning with the question, “What would happen if Sun Ra, George Washington Carver and Robert Smithson started a community together in the desert?” New Growth's playful scrutiny intertwines cosmology and escapism in an attempt to blur the lines separating past, present and future.

    The physical manipulation of biomaterial into an abstract, aestheticized form is a concept that runs through all of the works in the exhibition. Johnson references the ongoing transformation of both bodies and landscapes, and the identities embedded within them. New Growth features newly commissioned works including the video Samuel in Space and the Shea Butter Irrigation System. Works in wax, burned wood, tile and mirror, as well as brass chairs, wood chairs and rugs round out the exhibition."

  • moment . movement

    an installation view of my work on the left wall as you enter the gallery. with ralph wiegmann @ visions west gallery - denver.

  • down the wall

    view further down the wall

  • looking back

  • view back

    looking into back room. 2 of ralph's banded paintings in background.
  • back gallery

    ralph's paintings in foreground. my row of 6 encaustic boxes in background: states of matter.

  • installation view

    nook view of some of my work as you walk towards back gallery

  • little stones, big drawings

    two of ralph's floating stone drawings in the front gallery

  • (solid/fluid)

    suspension ii (solid/fluid), encaustic on panel is hanging in our moment.movement show @ visions west gallery - denver.
  • happy valentine's

  • glow

    detail of recurrence

  • collaboration

    ralph & i collaborated on a series. blocks cut from reclaimed timber: coated with beeswax, resin, burnt graphite; back glows orange, floats off the wall and mounted with magnets.

  • item falls

  • save the date: 2/20!

    my show with ralph wiegmann in denver will be thursday, february 20th, @ visions west gallery.

  • msu iAir installation

    revisiting installation shots of pod bay door, a multi-media installation w/msu students and iAir, jan christensen:

  • Happy New Year!

    happy new year, all! i spent one new year's eve here after the wall came down. 2014-year of the blue horse.

  • winter solstice

    happy winter solstice. celebrating the darkest day here at the 45th parallel for tomorrow the days grow longer.

  • black and blue

    Ok, it's not the best snapshot but i'm into the lush quality of this graphite over blue encaustic series i just completed.

  • lapis skies

    while home in arizona, i was fortunate to meet and share some time with the visionary inlay artist, jesse monongye, at his home studio.

  • painted desert project

  • studio work

    studio work in progress for my show w/ralph wiegmann at visions west in denver, opening february 13th.

  • montana nations

    went to see the montana nations exhibition at the danforth gallery in livingston. here's the witty easy rider poster (peter fonda lives down the road in paradise valley) created by native artist and co-curator ben pease:

  • students' work

    here are 9 snapshots of recent work from my beginning painting students at MSU.


  • ash

    "ash: 4 cotton, 6 sedges, 12 gal. H2o", is in a group show opening this week at tart, in the emerson cultural center. the shows's theme is "invasive paper" - using paper made from invasive plant species found in montana and classified as "noxious weeds". through my frustrations with trying to work on the very fibrous and dark handmade paper, i began burning it. in turn i used the ashes in this new encaustic piece for the grey and black pigments.

  • student work

    here's a shot of my beginning painting students' work from early in the semester. the focus of this project was mixing and using chromatic grays, using a strong tonal range, maintaining subtle detail in the blacks, and creating an interesting composition with foreground, mid and background.


  • i have a dream

  • neighborhood

    artwork by visiting kids in the neighborhood.

  • danforth gallery

    picked up my triptych today from the "legacy" show at the danforth gallery in livingston.                                                  

  • livingston art walk

    i have a triptych in the legacy show at the danforth gallery in livingston, montana. opening for art walk this friday. works are by artists that exhibited at the danforth early in their careers. when i was an undergrad my experimental photography (large scale manipulated polaroids) was in the show "four women four non-traditional mediums", curated by audrey hall. my paintings have been shown at the danforth several times since.

  • in denver

    wild abandon and conscious captivity @ visions west denver. work by friend & neighbor peter smuts. 

  • dashboard shot

    shooting from the passenger seat. i like the way the windshield crack appears near the white cross. on the way to a show at turman larison contemporary.

  • paint by numbers

    bing crosby visits yellowstone, one of willem volkersz's neon pieces at turman larison contemproary.

  • opening tonight

    willem volkersz: short stories @ turman larison contemporary in helena, mt. 5pm artist talk. 6-8pm reception. willem is using neon again and i'm looking forward to seeing it.

  • small works

    i have some paintings in turman larison contemporary's current exhibition. if you're in helena, check out the show: 337 last chance gulch. up 'til june 8th.

  • zihuatanejo

    street art painting, zihuatanejo. shot during my recent travels in mexico.

  • schlotzhauer

    traveled home from mexico and l.a. via portland, oregon where my former painting prof, harold schlotzhauer, has a show @ the portland art museum. if you're in the area, check out his vivid and dynamic work. up until july 14. here's the p.a.m. write-up: using a complex system of digital imaging and hand-painting, harold schlotzhauer emblazons surfboards, snowboards, skateboard decks, and kites with dynamic pop imagery. having spent his formative years in california and now living and working in bozeman, mt., schlotzhauer’s love of water and snow sports energizes this eclectic presentation of works. no matter what shape or surface he chooses to work on, a mastery of formal compositional elements can be seen throughout. drawing from influences as diverse as japanese block printing, asian & american comic book imagery, & picasso’s synthetic cubism, schlotzhauer produces works of stunning originality.

  • no speak americano

  • clap your hands

  • light & shadow

    shimmer across my studio wall. the split-tone is an anomaly generated by my phone camera.

  • the filler

    tracy bone & j.c. campbell tonight @the filling station, bozeman, mt. more info on the award winning artists: 

    http://www.ourstage.com/profile/jccampbell;  http://www.ourstage.com/epk/tracybone

  • shout across time

    a shout across time is part of the celebrating einstein week-long event: learn more about einstein and experience the world of relativity and gravitational waves. the night will feature a multimedia music performance featuring dancers, a live orchestra combined with gravitational wave sounds, and an original film that will include the scientific visualization of black hole collisions and gravitational waves. a shout across time will be streaming live on the montana PBS website. friday april 5 & saturday april 6, 7pm. emerson center for the arts and culture, free public event.

  • act 1

    act 1: a shout across time, part of the celebrating einstein event, features headwaters dance company, presenting a "danced" lecture on the gravitational waves generated by black holes and groundbreaking advances in the devices used to detect them.  this folds into "epic," a dance inspired by the orbits of black holes, featuring five dancers and a former cirque-de-soleil aerialist.  in "epic," dancers roll and run, turn and leap beneath a luminescent, flying figure, who spins and swings to the space music of john murphy.

  • a shout across time

    act 2. live interview with physicist jim Gates on friday, april 5, and with bernard schutz on saturday, April 6th. celebrating einstein organizer nico yunes conducts a live interview with one of the world’s experts on einstein’s theories.  the questions have been chosen by members of the celebrating einstein collaboration, which includes students and professors across many disciplines.  topics will range from einstein’s theories to philosophical questions about the meaning of success and the role of science in our culture.  friday’s show will include an interview with professor jim gates from the university of maryland, and saturday’s interview will be with professor bernard schutz from the albert einstein institute.

    act 3. live symphony orchestra & original film.

  • celebrating einstein

  • celebrating einstein

    celebrating einstein is a multidisciplinary outreach event centered around communicating the beauty and significance of einstein's theory to the general public. this event will be one of the first in the nation to celebrate the centennial anniversary of general relativity. celebrating einstein will culminate in events the first week of april of 2013 in bozeman, montana @ the emerson cultural center. all events are free and open to the public with seating available on a first come, first served basis. more info: http://www.einstein.montana.edu/index.html

  • installation

    golden surplus, mfa thesis exhibition by katie brown explores the ideology of farming. ceramic slab construction and feed corn installation questions overproduction in contemporary agri-­business and reflects on overuse of corn in the american food system. @ msu hec gallery, 4/1-4/7. reception: 4/4, 6:30-8:30pm

  • tonight

    forever more than once: thesis exhibition by david peters @ the msu hec gallery. reception: 6:30-8:30. show up until 3/29.

  • in-process

    white-on-white work in progress. i'm taking a break from encaustic work in sets & on boxes, and am working in oil w/cold wax medium on canvas. here's three of six.

  • TEDx Bozeman

    i am volunteering for TEDx bozeman: dreamers who do. live stream or attend the TEDx talks this friday, 3/22 from 12:30-5:50pm @ the commons on baxter lane and love. more info: http://www.tedxbozeman.com/

  • second sight

    interactive multi-media event by chris holten for his mfa sculpture/installation thesis exhibition second sight: continuum. hec gallery, msu school of art, 3/18-22. reception: 3/21, 6:30-8:30. 

  • hall art

    snapshot of another work from my painting 1 class, by gunnar p. mixed-media on sheet rock installed on hallway wall. 

  • mixed-media

    piece by gunnar p. - from my painting 1 class last fall.

  • mfa

    thesis exhibition of lively mixed-media paintings by jessica mongeon. drift ascend @ msu's school of art - hec gallery. reception: thursday, 3/7, 6:30-8:30pm. check out more of jess's work on her web site: jessicamongeon.com

  • quote

    by david foster wallace (1962-2008), who's birthday is today:  "postmodern irony and cynicism's become an end in itself, a measure of hip sophistication and literary savvy. few artists dare to try to talk about ways of working toward redeeming what's wrong, because they'll look sentimental and naive to all the weary ironists. irony's gone from liberating to enslaving. ... the postmodern founders' patricidal work was great, but patricide produces orphans, and no amount of revelry can make up for the fact that writers my age have been literary orphans throughout our formative years."

  • hold on

  • willem volkerz

    sculptural exhibition based on memories of the holocaust opening tonight @ the jessie wilbur gallery in the emerson cultural center; in conjunction w/participating msu faculty lobby exhibition, "from memory". bozeman, mt.

  • jerry iverson

    large-scale paintings will remain up in the weaver room @ the emerson cultural center until 2/28/. below: nerve block 45

  • last day

    to see work by jon lodge, jane deschner @ the emerson cultuarl center in bozeman. lodge's,"SEQUENCE & PROGRESSION: eleven triptychs" is on display in the emerson's lobby gallery. deschner's work is in the wilber gallery & jerry iverson's (up 'til 2/28) in the weaver room.

    jon lodge is a master of transforming the sound environment into eccentric visual statements akin to kinesthesia. he re-purposes materials from our ever-consuming culture, combines disparate objects and gives them new life as unique abstractions. lodge is attracted to working in a series, as evidenced by his current show featuring eleven wall hung triptychs. "fragmenting or expanding a work into multiples imbeds the work with a sense of evolution through the passing of time; this process resembles the experience of listening to or performing music, which is a source of inspiration in my work."

  • roots music

    alialujah choir opened for & performed some songs w/portland cello project tonight. here's one of their more heartbreaking (in a good way) songs w/a compelling artistic video.


  • portland cello project

    played reynolds recital hall @ msu tonight w/patti king. great acoustics & moving show, including covers  from beck's "beck hansen song reader". 

    earlier recording w/patti king in spokane

  • i have a dream

  • visiting artist

    video and installation artist, barry anderson, will give a presentation about his work tomorrow, monday, 1/14 @ 5:30pm in 215 cheever hall @ montana state university. open to the public.

  • exhibition

    if you didn't get to view ralph wiegmann's and my work in the holiday exhibitions at visions west gallery in bozeman or denver you can still see our work until the end january. below is a detail of states of matter, my relief series consisting of seven panels - oil, wax, pigment, graphite & resin on handmade wooden boxes. as always, shadows play an important role in my relief work (unfortunately, this wall is too textured).

  • birthday

    my grandmother has passed, but i am remembering her today. her birthday. here's her passport photo as a young woman. grannynettte, age 19:

  • vinci

    here's a lively mark vinci piece i saw at gebert contemporary in scottsdale, az before the new year. distracted driving, 60"x60", billboard on paper. i'm looking forward to showing my students working in collage painting his work.

  • az art

    went to az over new years. saw some good work at gebert contemporary in scottsdale. below; painting by andrea joki:

  • sprawl

    the giant baby (isn't that vierd), formerly near my family's farm in waddell, az, is gone. that suburban wall in the background was the beginning of that end.

  • 2013

    happy new year. !feliz ano!

    tom ferris photo. shot in montana.

  • beginning painting

    student work, final project by jennifer r. portrait of grandmother, with keat's poem ode to a grecian urn.

  • student work

    from my intermediate drawing class, by will w.

  • denver

    some of my new work @ visions west - denver: states of matter, beeswax, pigment, graphite and resin on handmade wood panels. in the rocky mountains - and beyond - water comes in many forms. liquid, solid, gas and plasma exist as rain, snow, sleet, hail, groppel, ice, frost, hoarfrost, icebergs, glaciers, powder, boiler plate, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, oceans, seas. la mer. while working on this series, i was also thinking about sea kayaking with icebergs in s.e. alaska and swimming in seas of the same color that are much further south. in the 1st, one could die within minutes if they fell in the water. in the other, you could spend all day in the water. 

  • opening

    i have new work in exhibitions at visions west galleries in bozeman & denver. bozeman opening saturday december 1st for christmas stroll, 4-8pm, 34 w. main, downtown bozeman. below: sextet, beeswax, pigment, graphite & resin on handmade wood panels.

  • balance

  • happy thanksgiving

  • your vote mattered

  • portraits

    beginning with underpainting, my painting 1 students just completed expressive self-portraits. last weekend @ the milwaukee art museum, i was fortunate to see rembrandt's self portrait; a true masterpiece.

  • m.a.m.

    robert irwin, milwaukee art museum. shadows play an important role in my work. i am always inspired seeing robert irwin's light & shadow play.

  • flow

    an artful way of slowing traffic, perhaps.

  • faculty show

    partial view of current faculty exhibition, "gathered thoughts". from left to right: jeffery conger - graphic design, josh deweese - ceramics, (hanging sculpture) denise riebe - 3D, me - painting & drawing, ralph wiegmann- drawing, suka warhub - printmaking. can you tell that ralph & i are dipping into the same paint box? (metaphorically).

  • gathered thoughts

  • migration

  • waits/baldessari

  • wind river range

    i hiked w/friends through the big rock country over the long weekend
  • the winds

  • wiley

  • summer heat

  • pole vault

    london olympics banksy commentary


  • march forth

    last night @ pine creek cafe outside of livingston in paradise valley.

  • horse enters race

  • tour

  • kraftwerk/MOMA

  • martincic & pintz

    saw the kristen martincic & joseph pintz exhibition @ turman larison contemporary in helena, mt on fri. i am always moved by kristen's work. here is an exert from her artist statement about it: "I push the boundaries of privacy and expose vulnerability by examining what typically lies hidden beneath the surface.  In my prints, sculpture, and installations, garments become a surrogate for the human form, hovering between skin and clothing, intimacy and exposure.  My artwork uses subtle hints of awkwardness and longing to communicate the honesty and beauty of everyday moments, and to make the viewer keenly aware of their own sense of self."

  • transit

    this is my snapshot of the transit of venus yesterday. we projected the image of the sun - with the dark spot of venus traveling across - through a pair of binoculars (using just one side) onto a piece of white paper, then photographed it around 5pm. the shot isn't as dramatic as nasa's but it was fun do project the event in real time.

  • more az art

    gebert contemporary in scottsdale, along w/bentley gallery and lisa sette gallery, always have strong artwork. here's a mike weber piece from his show @ gebert.

  • triennial

    richard notkin's powerful, last syllable, ceramic wall piece in the missoula art museum's montana triennial.

  • triennial

    went to missoula art museum's opening for the montana triennial friday night. this painting of ralph's, sequent # 2, was in the missoulian article about the exhibition.

  • arizona

    phoenix art museum installation by peter wegner: made from 1.4 million pieces of recycled colored paper mounted on two sides of the same wall. this is the sunshine side of guillotine of sunshine, guillotine of shade:

  • king snake

    the non-venomous king snake is a constrictor that eats rodents and rattlesnakes. more r's & r's seem to be pushed onto the family farm in waddell, az since urban sprawl is eating their habitat. check out matthew moore's work about urban sprawl in the area: http://www.urbanplough.com/

  • matt moore

    went to the phoenix art museum while in az to see matt moore's recent exhibition, the land grew quiet, about urban sprawl and the loss of farmland, particularly his family's farm in waddell, arizona, nearby where my grandparents farmed citrus and where i am from.

  • cinco de mayo

  • dorworth


  • pina

    bozeman film festival presents pina, a film for pina bausch by wem wenders, april 23 @ 6:30 & 8:45. details/tickets @ BFF: http://www.bozemanfilmfestival.org/

  • wim wenders

    photographs @ deichtorhallen 4/14 - 8/5 in hamburg @ the falckenberg collection.

  • butte, america

    wem wenders photographs opened @ deichtorhallen in hamburg 4/14. below is his street corner, butte, montana, shot in butte while filming don't come knocking in 2003.

  • el anantsui

  • art 21

  • bicycle cafe

    in the spirit of classic french cafe art, and having worked with many artists/bicycle enthusiasts, paul budnitz (budnitz bicycles) created an on-line bicycle art gallery. here's one of the new posters:

  • budnitz bicycles

  • TEDx

    tomorrow, fri. 3/23: bozeman's 1st TED talks @ the emerson cultural center (sold out). stream live @: www.tedxbozeman.com/event/live/. viewing events: bozeman public library & linfield hall on the msu campus.

  • sound suit

    nick cave sound suits @ the new (11/11) crystal museum in arkansas.

  • art walk

    bozeman art walk tonight. be sure to check out pamela caughey's installation @ the jesse wilbur gallery in the emerson cultural center. homeland security below, confiscated pocket knives:

  • biophilia

  • bbd

    bare bait dance - downtown dance collective's artist in residence - innovative performance @ 7pm: missoula art museum. tomorrow, first friday art walk, 5-8pm.

  • sze

    ny artist, sarah sze - known for her site specific installation art made from everyday objects - will represent the u.s. @ the 2013 venice biennial.

  • umbrella project

  • over the river

    cristo & jean claude's over the river project has been delayed again - from projected 2013 installation to 2015 - due to potential environmental impact issues w/the anti-project group r.o.a.r. the project would be a 2 week display in the bighorn sheep canyon section of the arkansas river in colorado, and entails 6 miles of 8 suspended panels of billowy silver fabric.

  • an adventure in the arts

    tonight i went to the preview exhibition of an adventure in the arts at the museum of the rockies. on loan from the guild hall museum, this collection represents famous artists from long island's east end neighborhood. included in the show are andy warhol, willem & elaine de kooning, jackson pollack, robert motherwell, chuck close, and david salle. go see the exhibition if you can: @ the m.o.r. until may. here's a copy of phillip glass by chuck close, on handmade paper:

  • brae days

    exhibition of archie brae foundation resident artists @ the exit gallery, in the msu sub, opens @ 5pm tonight. lectures & demonstrations in the school of art ceramics studio all day. the lightest of its kind: evocative clay sculpture covered in human hair, by lindsay pichaske:

  • fat tuesday

  • m.o.r.

    an adventure in the arts, an exhibition of 73 pieces by 60 artists of the 20th century, opens @ the museum of the rockies today and runs runs may 13th. courtesy of the guild hall museum in east hampton ny. i'm taking my drawing class to the show. more info on the museum or the collection: http://www.a-r-t.com/guildhall/

  • karl haendel

    los angeles based drawing installation artist, karl haendel, will be giving a presentation @ 6:30 tonight in 215 cheever hall on the msu campus. i'm psyched to be going with my representational drawing class.

  • zamba lando

  • pecha kucha

    inspiring event @ the historic ellen theater last night began with michael newhouse's witty presentation - read it and weep: adventures in bad typography. pecha kucha (sounds like chit-chat in japanese) was created by a tokyo architectural firm in 2003 and has grown to about 450 cities around the world. more info: facebook at pecha-kucha-bozeman or pechakuchabozeman@gmail.com

  • year of the dragon

    chinese new year begins today. celebrations continue until 2/6 this year. the year of the dragon symbolizes power, strength & good luck. may the force be with you.

  • repurposed

    an installation by 2010 msu grad, brittany watkins, @ the exit gallery in msu's strand union bldg., rm. 212. watkins was published in international sculpture magazine, october 2011. on view 1/23 - 2/3. reception: 1/25, 5-7pm

  • work wall

    the previous post's pic reminds me of my friend kellyann burns studio work wall. it's also the opening shot for her web site. check it out. she's an amazing and prolific painter working in the can factory in nyc: http://www.kellyannburns.com/

  • ellsworth

    great shot and write-up about ellsworth kelly in the ny times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/22/arts/design/ellsworth-kelly-explorer-of-shape-line-and-color.html?pagewanted=all

  • i have a dream

  • muse

    while in jackson hole over the weekend, i was fortunate to see bernd haussman's large & luscious painting, "1344 untitled (my secret work)", 60" x 96", mixed-media on canvas @ the tayloe pigett gallery (formerly muse gallery). last winter i saw some of haussmann's edgy paintings, with slick resin-like surface on aluminum, in scottsdale. more info:  http://www.jhmusegallery.com/

  • a happy new year!

  • !feliz ano!

    cheers to an inspiring, fulfilling & healthy 2012!

  • inside out

    JR's TED talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/jr_s_ted_prize_wish_use_art_to_turn_the_world_inside_out.html

  • fishman

  • sugar plum

  • happy holidays

  • k pop

    korean (south) k pop

  • new rule?

    speaking of uniformity. kim jong il died yesterday. this is his army.

  • installation

    cornelia parker's chalk rocks installation, "edge of england", is one of my favorite things to see @ the mam. i didn't get a good picture though. here is another beauty from frith street gallery in london: "cold dark matter".

  • yue painting

    "symbolic smile" painting by yue minjun w/yue in foreground. 

  • yue minjun

    alternate view of "chinese warriors"@ the mam.

  • warriors

    yue minjun's chinese warriors in milwaukee art museum's long hallway. you can see the beautiful play of light in the santiago calatrava designed space. yue minjun's warriors are repeated images of himself with "symbolic smiles" that are mindlessly happy in their uniformity. compliant citizens of an absurd army convey "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

  • interior view

    milwaukee art museum, view over looking the lake as you enter

  • mam

    back home from mke. whenever i am in milwaukke i visit the milwaukke art museum. the santiago calatrava stucture is fabulous.

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