traveled home from mexico and l.a. via portland, oregon where my former painting prof, harold schlotzhauer, has a show @ the portland art museum. if you're in the area, check out his vivid and dynamic work. up until july 14. here's the p.a.m. write-up: using a complex system of digital imaging and hand-painting, harold schlotzhauer emblazons surfboards, snowboards, skateboard decks, and kites with dynamic pop imagery. having spent his formative years in california and now living and working in bozeman, mt., schlotzhauer’s love of water and snow sports energizes this eclectic presentation of works. no matter what shape or surface he chooses to work on, a mastery of formal compositional elements can be seen throughout. drawing from influences as diverse as japanese block printing, asian & american comic book imagery, & picasso’s synthetic cubism, schlotzhauer produces works of stunning originality.